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  • Listen the sound of metal! Filtrate the noisy world

    2020-08-07 15:46 admin

    “There is no perfect ear in the world, each person has his or her own different ear and hearing, but we have similar humanity and emotion.

    A truly great earphone, which is not only related to acoustic technology but depends on a profound understanding of music, is a bridge between music creators and common people.

    A good sound is universal, for it can convey the emotion in music”. This is my tuning philosophy towards Gorsun Earphone.

    When mentioning the word metal, I usually play out an image with the rugged and jagged, aggressive and domineering. Recently I have received a pair of earphones, Gorsun's C8 Earphone, which is all-metal cavity structure. The earphone completely looks like a piece of metal, but it can not related to the aggressive and domineering image because of its fruity shape as well as micromesh burnish. Well, after saying so much, I just want to illustrate that C8 is an earphone with fruity and hear resistant although having a tough texture. According to Gorsun's official introduction, C8 has cooperated with a tuner who has experiences in his field of more than ten years, taking both a long time to study .

    We also combine the cavity aluminum material with all-metal shell to make the earphone a broad range. The details of this kind of earphone is designed to be more rich, so it can better make the listeners to feel the beauty of music. Many of the earphones produced by Gorsun are popular among the public. About the overall design, C8 adopts Gorsun's previous contracted style. The not-so-high price of its products is what I prefer. To know this kind of earphone better, please read the followings.

    First, unpacking.

    There is no braw package in the outer box, just adopted black and yellow package. The package is simple but stylish. The demonstration of the earphone employs UV design to add integral brightness to it and to make it look more textured. On the back of the packing box, there is a "window", as if a face of a strange alien stuck in the window .

    Second, detail introduction.

    Gorsun's C8 Earphone does not have a braw package but details still exist. Take out of the package and we can clearly see the headset wire and a couple of earphones. The earphone is printed with the logo "Gorsun" and employ wiring design to avoid twine and to ensure that the earphone wires are solid and durable.

    The surface of the earphone adopts finishing process. The surface whorl allocates with metal to effectively prevent perspiration from affecting earphone’s operation when you are doing exercise. It adopts 3.5MM audio frequency standard nickel plug to avert oxidation and to decrease signal loss. You will feel better when you pull out or insert the joint because in the aspect of wire rod, what is different from other piston headphones is that the masterstroke adopts weave wiring. In this way, earphone would not so easily twine together and at the same time it could better remove stethoscope effect.

    Support wire high definition calls with one-key, hand-free and music play, pause and switch. In addition, in the aspect of key-press, middle key is designed to be raised, so when you wear the earphone you can discern the key-press with your hand touching. On the other side of the X-by-wire is the sound absorption hole of the microphone. The X-by-wire of C8 Earphone is unilateral.

    When in practical use, the X-by-wire is nearer to your mouth. In this way, you could achieve a better call effect without holding the microphone. C8 Earphone builds all-in-one metal aesthetics. A avantgarde and dynamic prevalent exterior line is smelted by one piece of metal, which is rare technology but is also our basic pursuit. The unit construction adopts high precision assembling technology so as to make the unit volume more light. All-in-one "armature plus driving rod" structure could avoid solder interconnects. Thus, it could be more firm, and the sound could be more stable and low distorted.

    Third, audition representation.

    In the process of audition, a feeling comes to me that with the addition of cavity aluminum material, music expressive force becomes rich, such as graceful and moving dolphin-sounding vocal, string overtone, fading drum cymbals sheets aftersound, soprano ventilation skill and so on. The listed details above could be easily ignored but now could be hear clearly with C8 Earphone. The C8 Earphone is of triple frequency equalization, so it is more suitable for listening country music. The bass is not so heavy for it have not burn in. When auditioning some drumbeat, the music seems rather tight and inadequate publicity. Compared with other earphones of same type, C8 Earphone has a higher accuracy in details. When auditioning Caiqin's Ferry, C8 Earphone shows us a richer emotion.


    How can C8 Earphone reach such great performance without any burn in! Of course, everyone has his or her different listen feeling and preference degree and has different favorite music style. As to the performance of the earphone, there might be some differences. However, as a 49-yuan earphone, C8 Earphone would be your first choice if you compare it to the same price earphone. In addition to the details of sound quality and emotion representation, the aspect of wearing is also excellent. Ergonomic design makes me unlikely to feel the coldness of metal when I wear the earphone in winter, All of these are come out of Gorsun's elaborative design. The comfortable sense of wearing has increased the value of C8 Earphone.


    C8 Earphone is sold at 49 yuan RMB, but its value of representation is much higher than its price. Gorsun makes its products' packages so simple as to set aside much more costing to details of earphone. Tuned by masters, this kind of earphone fulled of emotion which was produced by Gorsun could have such a friendly price. Especially in the aspect of sound quality, what the C8 Earphone gives me most is surprises.


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